About this fundraiser

This fundraiser is for myself & my daughter a 15 year old. My name is Steven Kelley, I am pictured with my daughter. I have lived in my current apartment in the Bronx since 2014.  Prior to my medical issues, my daughter lived with me on the weekends and I worked in NYC.  Once I found myself unable to work and care for my daughte,r, she moved in full time with her wonderful mother. I also used to be a contributor to Getty Images

Life often presents challenges, but some are more daunting than others. Last September, I faced one of my most significant challenges yet—an emergency spine surgery at New York Presbyterian Ochs Spine Hospital. The surgery, which took place in early September 2023, was the beginning of a journey I could never have anticipated.

The weeks that followed were a blur of recovery and rehabilitation. From the initial stay at NYP Ochs Spine Hospital until the end of September, to the intensive physical rehabilitation at NYP Milstein Hospital through mid-November, each day was a step toward regaining my mobility. 

My goals? To have my daughter be able to live with her father again and to walk again without the aid of a wheelchair or walker.. 

As I navigate through physical rehabilitation therapy and the possibility of further surgery, my hope burns bright. I am determined to recover enough to work remotely, to contribute, to feel a sense of normalcy once more.

However, the reality of my situation is pressing. The financial toll of medical bills, coupled with the inability to work, has placed me in a precarious position. I am currently facing the very real risk of homelessness, struggling to cover my rent and basic living expenses.

This is where I turn to you—my community, my network, my friends. Your support can make a significant difference in my life. Whether it’s a small donation to help cover my living expenses, sharing this campaign, or simply sending good wishes my way, every bit of help is invaluable.

I am fighting not just for recovery, but for stability and the chance to rebuild my life. With your support, I believe it’s possible. Together, we can turn this journey of recovery into a story of triumph.

How You Can Help:

• Donate: Every contribution, no matter the size, helps me get one step closer to recovery and financial stability.
• Share: Spread the word by sharing my campaign with your networks. The more people see this, the more support I can get.
• Send Good Wishes: Your messages of support and encouragement mean the world to me.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for any support you can provide. It is with hope and the potential kindness of others like you that I look forward to taking the next step in my recovery journey.

Thank you so much,

Steven Kelley

Organized by

Steven Kelley

New York, NY, USA