About this fundraiser

Wesley was an amazingly bright soul who was beloved by everyone who ever met her. She was a loving mother to her 3 boys, Jeff, Chris and Josh, her daughter, Liz and a grandmother to Christian's son Kane. "Mama Wes" was also a mother figure to many neighborhood teens who came from homes affected by addiction and abuse. Her home was always a safe place for a kid to grab a bite or crash a couch, or if they just needed someone to listen to them for once. She could never turn away anyone that sincerely needed help. Her heart was big and open to all. She didn't have a lot of material things living in Trinity (the poorest County in California) but she still found happiness despite living in Section 8 housing on foodstamps because she was surrounded by the love of her kids and those she tried to help. She is greatly missed by all who knew her. She is now with her mother Betty and her sister Dana now in the light of God's eternal grace. Wes did not have any money set aside, and although the family is struggling to pool together their resources to cover cremation costs, a simple memorial, and unexpected costs incurred by Wesley's untimely passing, they are still in need of a little extra help.  Anything you can give would be greatly appreciated by the family - even if just a dollar or two.  Thanks in advance for your help, your heart and your contribution.





Organized by

Laura Clifford

Thousand Oaks, CA, USA