About this fundraiser

My dog Rosco has been a loving and faithful family pet for about 9 years. Before we got him his owners beat him he had a broken hip and broken ribs and a broken tail. He is about 11 years old still full of life but old. His hind legs are giving out on him making it almost impossible to get up and go eat or go up and down the stairs. Some days are a little better than others but most the time he is literally dragging his hind legs to get around. We are in a spot where we can't afford a wheel chair or a ramp let alone a vet. Our family and Rosco would be so thankful if some one any one could donate money or a chair and the supplies for a ramp so that Rosco can live out the rest of his life as comfortable and with as much mobility as possible. We could use any help or donations to help Rosco. We have 6 kids and my 9 year old grew up with Rosco and is the most attached. My name is amanda and my email is [email protected] and my phone number is 2294438512 my husband's name is Shannon and his email is [email protected] and his phone number is 2294438508 please feel free to message or text us personally if you would be more comfortable with that. Thank you sincerely Rosco's family.

Organized by

Amanda Cowen

Ashburn, GA, USA