About this fundraiser

I'm writing this for my 9 year old daughter.  We've been homeless since August and since than we have lost everything from theft , weather . My daughter has lost EVERYTHING.  Her own home , belongings and cat. Now we have no tent or anything because it was destroyed and everything inside was stolen. I was working until recently when I was laid off. We lost everything inside our storage all baby pics , my dad's Vietnam rewards and pictures.  Now our tent and food is gone.  Yes I'm signed up for every program there is and I know what every one says but I'm telling you there is a waiting list a mile long . No I don't do drugs and I refuse to drink. I do have pictures to show all my proof. 

Just recently I sent my daughter to her aunts for a few days and with the circumstances I don't wanna bring her back. Living in a tent is bad enough but now we don't even have that.  Please help my daughter and us stay together.  If all you can do is share and pray please please do..

Bless you

Organized by

Brook Davidson

Troutdale, OR, USA