About this fundraiser


Hello to all those we have the honor to know directly and to those we may not have met yet.

We want to first say thank you in advance for taking the time to read about our Fundraiser; sharing if you would like and helping if you can.

We are asking for help today for a local family that has been going through a health crisis; As many of our friends and Members of our True Monarch Veterinary family know Traci has been undergoing care and treatment for a recently diagnosed autoimmune neuromuscular disease that came on suddenly and aggressively after a recent COVID infection this past June.

This disease progressed rapidly and over the last few months has caused havoc on her body, leaving her unable to walk, complete many simple tasks without help, and has been making communication difficult to almost impossable on most days.

The disease became so severe that on August 10th Traci was admitted to a local hospital for emergency care just hours before we would have lost her. 

What was expected to be a 5 day hospital stay became an unexpectedly long almost 2 months of hospital care and the start of rehabilitation. After many struggles and complications during her extended hospital stay, we are relieved to say that on October 5th Traci was considered finally strong enough to come back home. 

With her return home though the journey to regain her health is far from over; and with the help and support of her family Traci is getting ready to start her next battle to regain her strength and mobility.

Despite all the day to day challenges and long road of rehabilitation in front of her, Traci continues to face each day with positively and determination to fight her way back to health. 

This fundraiser has been started to help with unexpected extensive ongoing care expenses as well as daily expenses that are becoming harder to manage with her illness leaving her unable to work for the immediate future. 

We appreciate any and all help that can be provided and want to thank everyone for their continued prayers and positive thoughts. 

Please share this fundraiser if possible to as many people and organizations as possible in an effort to help us support the recovery of this amazing local veterinarian. We thank you again for your time

*We know that there are a lot of false and fake fundraisers out there and understand people's concern. To learn more about Traci and True Monarch Veterinary please see the link below and please feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns. Thank you again for your time and help*




We first want to say Thank you for everyone's well wishes, as well as everyone's understanding and true compassion over the past few months when our veterinary team has not been available for appointments.

We have always been honored to help care for so many loved furry family members within our community; and our goal is to return to providing the care that each and every member of our True Monarch Veterinary Family deserves within the new year.

Our current fundraiser respectfully asking for help with increasing medical bills, copays, rehabilitation expenses is still ongoing; and our efforts have become even more vital now unfortunately to also help stop imment concerns for pending eviction and homelessness

We are reaching out not to ask for additional assistance from those who have already been  generous but instead to ask for help with sharing information about this fundraiser with local groups and organizations throughout the upcoming holiday season.

Thank you again for everyone's help, support, prayers and ongoing well wishes. Please feel free to use the below link to help share information about our ongoing fundraising efforts.


Your Dedicated True Monarch Veterinary Family 
Jon and Dr Traci 

Organized by

Jonathan Spiegel

Springfield, NJ, USA