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I reach out to you for help as I recently received a life-altering diagnosis of AIDS, stemming from HIV. Living in a remote area devoid of adequate medical services, coupled with financial constraints, has exacerbated my condition. Regrettably, due to these circumstances, my health has deteriorated, leading to two strokes and two severe infections that have hospitalized me for days on end. I am often weak and out of breathe.

Since the small hospital where I live lacks infectious disease specialists, I’m left with no choice but to travel over 150 miles to the nearest clinic for proper treatment. However, financial constraints loom large, hindering my access to the urgent medical care I desperately require. Without swift intervention, the trajectory of my health continues to spiral downward.

As a single parent, my responsibilities weigh heavily on me, knowing that my health directly impacts my two beloved children. The burden of my illness, coupled with the overwhelming isolation and financial strain, has plunged me into the depths of despair. Each day is a battle against the darkness of depression, as I grapple with the daunting thought of leaving my children behind.

Yet, in the midst of this adversity, I find solace in the kindness and generosity of individuals like you. Your willingness to extend a helping hand not only provides me with the means to access vital medical treatment but also instills within me a glimmer of hope for a brighter tomorrow. Your support serves as a lifeline, offering reassurance that I am not alone in this uphill battle.

With deep gratitude, I humbly ask you to contribute whatever you can towards my journey to recovery. Your donation, no matter how small, will make a tangible difference in my life and the lives of my children. 

my cashapp is $thxuoy 


Thank you for your support and for being a beacon of hope in my darkest hour. 

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