About this fundraiser

Thank you for taking the time to check out my fundraiser 😊 My name is Alexis and I suffer from PCOS and Hidradenitis Suppurativa. PCOS is when small cyst line the outer edge of enlarged ovaries. It is a hormonal disorder but isn’t entirely understood. HS isn’t understood in any way and is very, very horrific and painful. It creates these pus and blood filled boils, usually parallel to the sinus tract/lymph nodes. They will busy open and become very raw and painful. They usually form when there is friction and/or sweat. I have to wear 100% cotton, eat very healthy, invest in insulin, invest in lymph massages, etc. Unfortunately, when one is acting up, so will the other soon after. I was diagnosed with HS at 14 years old, PCOS at 22. I am now 27 and I still suffer from both illnesses and they both have gotten worse. However, I believe in time and I am grateful for whatever you can donate, even a prayer. Thank you. 

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Alexis Paulin

Louisville, KY, USA