Latest update as of Feb 01, 2023

  • Alex is looking much better today! Praying he continues to improve and that he’ll be able to come home soon❤️

About this fundraiser

Alex had an accident on Tuesday January 24th, he ate a sock which caused him to have a blockage. He needed surgery the next morning which was $6000. After his surgery we found out there was a complication and he developed pneumonia from all of the vomiting he was having. Today on Sunday January 29th we were told he is having thick fluid and pus in his lungs that isn’t going away and keeps coming back. He has a bacterial infection in his lungs and now he will need a tube inserted into his lungs to drain fluids and pus and will need to be hospitalized for at least another week in order to have a fighting chance at living. This new surgery and another week of hospitalization will be $10,000. He’s only two years old his birthday is in March, he’s the energy in our household and it hasn’t been the same while he’s been out of our home and in the hospital. We’d be extremely grateful for any donations, and Alex would be extremely grateful for any chance he may have to continue life and come home to his family and his best friend Meredith ( our other poodle ) . Thank you so much, god bless you.

Organized by

Lauren Ortiz

Austin, TX, USA