Latest update as of Apr 12, 2024

  • I left for two full days to head back to Arizona and returned this morning to see a totally different person. Alistair has progressed so much in the last 48 hours. He is talking in sentences, playing on his iPad, and randomly sending people messages on Instagram 😆 We are hoping they can do another swallow test today which will enable him to have the feeding tube removed. This will enable us to move him to a rehab facility back in the Phoenix area. Ready to have our boy home!

    Today we received some news that was not ideal. We were hoping to have Alistair home within the next week to start rehab, but we found out he has an abscess on the inside of his right lung, which is probably from a bacterial infection. The doctors feel moving him at this point is very risky and would like him to start his acute rehab here is Dallas and at the same time monitor his infection. They inserted a Picc line 2 days ago in his arm for a 6 week antibiotic treatment. They also inserted a PEG in his stomach today for feeding until he can swallow and close his epiglottis effectively so that bacteria does not enter his lungs. The PEG will remain in for at least 1 month to ensure he gets proper nutrients. We hope to have another CT scan next week to see if the medication is helping reduce the size of the lung abscess.

    Alistair was really disappointed as he wanted to get back to Arizona, but we told him it’s better to ensure he is 100% healthy and not cut any corners or he may be back in the hospital.

About this fundraiser

My Son Alistair Dickert was struck by lighting while racing at Springadingding on his dirt bike and is in ICU in Texas. I have been asked by Alistair’s friends and fellow racers if we can set up a method for people To donate any funds towards his recovery. 

Organized by

Wayne Dickert

Cave Creek, AZ, USA