About this fundraiser

Hello, everyone! I hope all is well. Foremost, I would like to thank you all for donating what you can. 

This is an attempt to fundraise studying medicine in Poland in which costs are affordable. I have lived and studied in Poland before by saving on my own. Although I can do it again, this time, the costs are too high to do so alone. After returning back to Florida, I decided to change my pathway due to working at a hospice and two laboratories.

Currently, I am a Shift Lead and Pharmacy Technician in training through my job. My intention in asking for help is to better serve my community in rural Florida and surrounding areas of need when I can successful pay for this tuition and graduate as an MD in 6 years time. To do so, I need your help! 

I am very proud being American and know that our elderly are in need of genuine assistance. With the shortage of doctors and nurses, I am doing everything that I can to be apart of that difference. 

Thank you for taking out some time, be blessed!

Twoja hojność jest doceniana. Wprowadźmy zmiany.

Todas las donaciones para estudiar medicina beneficiarían en el futuro a las comunidades rurales que son ignoradas. Mi intención es marcar la diferencia y causar un impacto donde no lo hay. Ojalá que si, todo es posible. Dios los bendiga.

Organized by

Stephene Luc

Pembroke Pines, FL, USA