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My sister passed March 16, 2024 and she had no life insurance and we her family is and has been on phone and running here and there begging for financial help to be able to pay for Angelia Michelle Compton's burial my sister has been deceased tomorrow is a week and we have some but no where near what the funeral home is asking and we did request for everything at the lowest cost but didn't want for her in a box so cheapest metal casket they had. She had several health problems then she lived at a farm in Arab with some friends and got toxin black mold poisoning infection and it went in her bone marrow she had tubes out her back and her side she went to Crossville Nursing home and rehabilitation center for IV antibiotics for 6 to 8 weeks then was going to be able to be released from there to go home she was there only 10 days which she was doing really good and improving when we took her everything she needed there (pillows,throw blankets, hygiene, clothes, undergarments, snacks, drinks, etc.) Well only being there 10 days the nursing home changed her medicines around if not every day every other day on the 10th day we get a phone call and told us she went code blue and me and our other sister were on the phone with Angelia and either a nurse or cna were changing my sisters roommate when my sister was saying I can't breathe I need a  fan open a window I can't breathe I will call y'all back I can't breathe. Then 16 minutes later I received the phone call she went code blue and they was trying to resuscitate her. Why didn't the nurse or cna help my sister someone's bottom could of been put on hold compare to someone's life. They transferred my sister to local hospital we got there as she was being got out of the ambulance and was told to wait in the quite room. I knew them that the outcome wasn't going to be good. Well we was told they got her back to but was on a ventilator and her blood pressure would not come up until they put medicine in her to keep it up and that her heart was barely beating they did several tests everything came back normal besides one test and that was the brain test and they told us her family that she had fluid on her brain her brain was swelling and her cranium was cracked they transferred her to Huntsville hospital I called up there and asked to speak to the m i c u nurse for my sister and I started asking questions about how she was doing and if she was stable or what was going on with her condition the nurse asked me what was the last thing I was told I told her that the local hospital told me that my sister was on the ventilator and they had to keep her on blood pressure medicine to keep her blood pressure up so it wouldn't drop her heart was barely beating she had fluid on her brain and her brain was swelling she said well ma'am there is no fluid on your sister's brain I said what do you mean she said that my sister was brain damaged I said how much brain damage does my sister have she said ma'am I will put it to you like this your sister when we received her was non-responsive she was brain dead she was didn't have no sedated drug in her whatsoever the only reason she is alive right now is that the ventilator was doing all the breathing for her and the only reason her blood pressure is staying a little up cause of us giving her blood pressure medicine we tried to stop the medicine but her blood pressure dropped back down again so they restarted it. I said exactly how much brain damage does my sister have she said that that was the only test that they would have to do because she was non-responsive to anyone or anything and the machine was doing all her breathing for her when they got to the hospital with her from being transported I said so she does not have fluid on her brain she said ma'am we went over the test she had no fluid on her brain it was all brain damaged from lack of oxygen and y'all's family are going to have to make a major decision. 

Organized by

Lisa Compton

Albertville, AL, USA