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update- 3 hours before my mothers 56th birthday, she died, after a long fight with the cruelest disease I’ve ever witnessed. Right now, mom’s brain is JUST arriving at harvard university to be studied and one day, we might have answers for her, and others. Still collecting for a service as special as she was and making sure her family is all well for a bit. We appreciate the continued prayers and stories! We will update soon with more information 


Dear everyone. I’m doing the thing no one wants to be doing right now. I am reaching out on behalf of my mother, who, if she makes it until April 8, will only be 56 at the age of her death. My mom and Step father were making a living and in the final month of 2019 mom suddenly got fired from work for making mistakes. She knew at that time, something was wrong. It was June of 2020 where she was diagnosed with an aggressive from of early onset Alzheimer’s. This has taken us by complete surprise and we are looking at less than 2 weeks of life left. My mom, was the best damn mom. That was never an act. She was always, always a helper. Always was A people magnet. She was smart and got her advanced medical education later in life and helped so so many people become nurses, phlebotomist and medical assistants. My mom has saved many peoples lives in the medical field. Everything she did, she was amazing at. She was an amazing mom, friend, girl scout leader, room mom…. She was basically everyone’s cool young mom. Shes going to be sorely missed but we are thankful that soon there will be no more pain. If you would like to donate the money will go towards a service as amazing as she was. 
with love the Vitulli family and Jody R 

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Karen Vitulli

Shamong, NJ, USA