About this fundraiser

My mother is currently in end stage renal and liver failure however her hopeful doctors think she will be receiving these organs within the next 6 months. These funds would make it possible for her to undergo the double organ transplant her life depends on. The majority of the expenses will go to the very costly monthly anti-rejection medication that she will have to be on the rest of her life. As well as the travel expenses that include flying and driving to and from Seattle. In addition, while in Seattle getting the transplants and recovering for 8-12 weeks, her monthly expenses of “regular life” will not be paused. These donations will allow her to not be worried about paying her rent and losing her apartment or car. We know these times are difficult for everyone financially. She feels vulnerable to ask for help but we are hopeful with the generosity from loved ones during this life-changing time that finances will be a little more alleviated from my moms worries. 

Thank you and please pray for her. 

Organized by

Lauren Erbele

Coeur d'Alene, ID, USA