About this fundraiser

my aunt life changed in the beginning of 2023 she found out she had throat cancer they told her either chemo and radiation or surgery and radiation she was scared she’s a single mother she didn’t want to leave behind 3 kids and two grandbabies she didn’t know what to do but as terrified she was she decided to put it in gods hands and have surgery and radiation after she ended up having 4 surgeries 3 were emergency surgeries she had her first surgery went home a few days later then first day home she was sent to the emergency room due to bleeding they did another surgery but went home and happened again she had 3 emergency surgeries til they got the bleeding to stop she was wanting to give up but pushed through just for her family with a smile on her face but now has thousands of dollars in medical bills she’s to independent to ask for help she always helps everyone no matter what and her goal is to get back into her normal life I want to try and help with that with with the help of others anything will help

Organized by

Alyssa Hancock

Kansas City, MO, USA