Latest update as of Oct 21, 2023

  • Update to BRITTANI’s journey

    We would first of all like to send our thanks to everyone that has donated to Brittani, on her cancer journey. It has helped very much and we are forever grateful!
    Brittani has beaten the ugly cancer! Our thanks to Huntsman’s Cancer Institute in Salt Lake City and her wonderful Team of Doctors. Although she has one more major surgery to go through and will be out of work for more than a month. Hopefully, this will be her last surgery. But she has numerous costs for her journey and being out of work for another month, will make these costs soar. Any help will be greatly appreciated, so she can get back on her feet. Once again, thank you for your continued support in Britt’s journey 💜

    Update to BRITTANI’s journey

About this fundraiser

Brittani was diagnosed with a rare breast cancer in May 2023. This is after she had just lost her beautiful little baby, Nyla. She is going through 2 of the most horrific times, that most people don’t go through in a lifetime. The expenses that she is having to incur traveling back and forth to another state for her surgery and treatment, along with being off of work for an extended period of time, is overwhelming. I would just pray for my beautiful daughter, that she could receive some help, so that she can concentrate on her strength to concur this horrible disease, cancer! Thank you for any help that you can give. 

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Bekki Satterlee

Bozeman, MT, USA