About this fundraiser

In December 2022, what I went in thinking was Carpal Tunnel suddenly turned into and then diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. 


I am no longer able to work due to the tremors and pain. The spasticity in my leg muscles have a mind of their own. Some days I can walk, some days I can’t. If I had a cane or wheelchair i would be greatly using them on the bad days. 


I’m only 37, with two young daughters. It’s not fair to them they have to miss out on activities because I simply cannot walk. I used to be at every school field trip, every teachers aide, Girl Scouts, my girls are my life. Now it’s rare if I can walk longer than 30 minutes at Sea World.

I am asking donations for the treatment my insurance will not cover, but has the greatest and longest lasting results. Stem Cell Therapy. I need to raise $125,000. It’s $25,000/treatment and I definitely need a few. As well as the treatment I need help for getting a wheelchair and a cane; and to be able to make my home “MS Friendly” (ramps and rails). 

I honestly don’t even expect to raise a dollar. If I can’t raise enough money for the Stem Cell Therapy, I hope I can’t raise enough money so I’m able to physically be a mum again to my children and be their cheering them on through every event in their lives. 🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡

Organized by

Taylor Jackson

San Diego, CA, USA