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  • Rob's Surgery update

    Well, the surgery they did in November isn't working like they were hoping it would. Robs incision is not closing and he is forming another bubble on the back of his head in that same spot of where his incision is suppose to close. We were told that is should have been closed within 24 hours of the staples being taken out and it has now been a week since they took those out. That being said, the surgeon informed us that if it does not close, they will go in, take his spinal shunt out because the infection is in the hardware of the shunt so that will come out, we will wait a couple months, they will then put another spinal shunt in and at that point, Rob will be at higher risk of full paralysis on his left side. Please keep Rob in your prayers, he is having a very hard time with this right now and needs all of the prayers he can get. If you can continue to pray for the kids and I as well as we are very worried about Rob. We are all having a very hard time with this, but we know God has a plan for Rob, we just don't know what that is yet. God please lay your hands on my husband to give him peace and the knowing that this is all in your plan for his life Amen.
    Thank you for all of the love and support from all of you, we can feel the love from all of you. I will update once we know what is going on and when everything will take place.

    Good evening everyone, I wanted to update this for all of you watching Rob's progress. His surgery has been changed so many time to his doctor trying to do it on July 13, then that did not work out so they changed it to July 19th, but since they discharged him to come home until the 19th they changed it again and now it is July 20th, which is our youngest 16th birthday. It is going to be hard on her, that her dad is having a very invasive surgery and she will be very worried.
    Rob is home with enough medication to get him through till surgery, so please just pray that he is comfortable enough to make it through. His headaches are increasing everyday, his pain is getting worse daily, but I know that God will get him through it and as a family we will as well.
    Robs surgery will paralyze him on his left side of his body because the doctors will have to sever his spinal cord and because of that he will be in inpatient rehab for several weeks or months to relearn to walk and use his left hand again. The girls and I will be on our own while he is in there and then when he gets home, we may have to move so that he has a one level house. The unknown is what concerns us, but with our faith we will get through it.
    We appreciate each and everyone of you for your donation to help our family, your prayers and kind words. If you are unable to donate, please just keep those prayers coming that God will protect Rob during his surgery and for the surgeons to have clear minds and be able to help him feel better.

    Rob's Surgery update

About this fundraiser

Good evening, everyone,

It has been a while since I have updated this, so I am doing that now. I am not updating this to get more donations, but so that whoever wants to see Robs story, they can here.  If you want to donate but not on here, we do have Venmo, PayPal, and Cash app, but please do not feel like you have too at all. It would help don't get me wrong, but I am not looking for that at all.    


Today 3/27/2024 we went to the doctor's office for a follow up from his last surgery, the doctor looked at his incision and said, “I want another MRI, but we will need to do surgery again".  Rob's incision still is not closing and actually is open but this time in a different spot on the back of his head, so that tells the doctors that the infection is still in there somewhere and they have to get it out before Rob get meningitis and we do NOT want that to happen.  They have put his MRI in as an emergency test, so once that is scheduled and done, we will know what the plan will be. 

First choice is they go back in yet again, clean it out, close him up and pray that it closes and the second choice we have (if the other surgeons decide this) is that they take Robs spinal shunt out, wait a couple months and put the spinal shunt back in. Once his shunt is taken out his symptoms will all come right back and then when they put his shunt back in, that will cause total paralysis on his left side which will be an entire new hoop for us as a family to go through and even bigger stress on Rob as he was let go from CSC due to his ongoing medical issues so we are only on my income from the gas station. 

This has been a tough road for all of us, but especially more for Rob. Please keep those prayers, love, and good vibes coming because we need them. We appreciate each and every one of you for all the love we have received from all of you. 


I will get back on here once we know the course the doctors are thinking about going once we know. 


The Buck Family


*****************Rob Update (Feb. 17, 2024)

I wanted to jump on here and update everyone on how Rob is doing and what is going on with him medically. Friday, Feb. 9th Rob had yet another brain surgery to try and get this nasty infection out of his body.  We are hopeful that this one worked, but we also know that there is that chance it didn't work. Rob is feeling good, headaches are fine some days, but he has very bad days with his headaches. 

This last hospital stay was a little rough, Friday was surgery day, Saturday night Rob started throwing up and the pressure was really bad in his head, so we of course thought he had a Spinal Fluid Leak due to him having that happened before his head shunt was put in. The doctors didn't think that at all, he was pretty sure that due to the surgery he did, his body new there were foreign things inside of him and his body just needed to adjust to it, since that Sunday he has been feeling better and doing a lot better. We have 4-6 weeks to know if this surgery worked or not. If you can keep Rob in your prayers that this worked, and we are done with surgeries and hospitals and pray for the kids and I as we watch him in all this pain and go through all of the surgeries he has had because it is very hard for our girls to see dad in so much pain. Pray for Jake as well, because he wants to be up here with his dad but knows he has his own responsibilities to take care of. 

We appreciate all of the love, prayers, good vibes and more from all of you! You all have no idea what it means to us as a family to know we are so loved and supported. Thankyou to all of you for everything.

We love you all

The Buck Family



 ********************************* ROB UPDATE 

This is Desiree and I wanted to give an update on Rob. Things are going well, but we are waiting to see if the infection comes back because if it does, they will have to take his spinal shunt out, wait a couple months and put a new one in. Robs short term disability has ended and has moved to long term disability but with that being said, they informed him today Dec. 4th, 2023, that they pay once a month and we will get back pay for the month of December, but we will have absolutely nothing this month except my checks from working events and that is not a lot. We are not sure how we are going to give the girls Christmas this year with needing to pay all of our other bills. 

Rob has had an additional 3 surgeries since July to get the infection he ended up happening and that has set us back a lot on not only him working but myself as well, because I cannot work too far away, in case something happens, or he has a stroke or seizures. This year has been a very hard year not only for us as a family but more for Rob because the doctors told him, he is not allowed to do anything except sit on the couch and let his body heal.  I have basically become a single mom and it has been a lot!!! 

If you can help us to give the girls a Christmas, it would be greatly appreciated and it doesn't have to be a big donation because we don't expect anything honestly but whatever you could do, would be greatly appreciated. Please continue to pray for all of us, but for Rob and his health, mental health and his heart. He needs all the love and support by each and every one of you. 


My name is Valerie, this fundraiser is for my sister Desiree and her husband Rob. 

Rob has Arnold Chiari Malformation with Syringomyel. This is a rare condition where the brain tissue extends into the spinal cord. It can cause severe headaches, neck pain, balance problems, numbness, and so many other symptoms. Rob has been living with all of the symptoms recently and it has gotten worse. He has had 3 surgeries already and will be having his 4th surgery in August. Due to the medications that he is on, that are not working, they are trying to get him into surgery as soon as possible. Robs condition is extremely rare because he has a cyst in his spinal cord, which is a few centimeters from his brain stem, this is the reasoning for the rush on surgery. The doctors are concerned that he may have a stroke any day and that will paralyze him for life. 

After the surgery Rob will be placed into in patient Rehab until he fully recovers. The doctors aren't sure how long he will be there because of how invasive this surgery is. He will need to learn how to walk again and how to use the left side of his body. 

Rob was admitted to the hospital Friday July 7th and will be in the hospital until his surgery. This is causing a financial burden on my sister and her family.  My sister is unable to work at this time due to all of this going on and they have 2 children still living at home. 

This fundraiser will help with medical costs, bills, food, and for rehab, plus the costs of going back and forth to the hospital to be with her husband and still take care of the 2 kids at home. School for the girls starts on July 26th and the need to be home with them plus taking them up to the hospital after school is going to very straining and tiring for all of them, but I know they can and will get through this. 

If you can't financially help please share this link and please keep my sister and her husband in your prayers during this long, trying journey they are on. 

Thank you so much!! <3 

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Valerie Kelley

Decatur, IN, USA