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I'm NOT special. Nobody owes me a penny! For 53 years I've worked to provide for my wife, children and grandchildren some with special needs. It has not been easy the same as many of us these days. My wife has krons disease with fibromyalgia, severe arthritis. I have stage 3 kidney disease, heart problems, enlarged heart, embolism in aorta, high blood pressure, uncontrolled diabetes, GAD, not looking too good. We have equity on our home wife wants for future medical or to leave to our kids. I want to see the Oregon Coast, travel to see family in Washington and California before it's too late. Again nobody owes me a thing however if I had the money I could buy a used travel trailer that my 2001 Toyota Tacoma could tow and some gas traveling money that would not hurt our budget. Thanks for reading and your consideration. Tim 

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Timothy Martinez

White City, OR, USA