About this fundraiser

Mike, as most everyone calls him, but to my brother and sisters, he’s just dad; our crazy, fun- loving, unforgettable, dad. Our dad taught us to be ourselves, be wild and free, to laugh at ourselves, and be kind to others. I could sit here and tell you he’s perfect, but we all know no one is perfect. My dad has plenty of his own faults. Stubbornness being his most glaring fault. He likes or dislikes things for reasons that elude even his closet family and friends and refuses to try or to doing anything that contradict the things. Don’t ask that man to try anything with cream cheese in it, because cheese should not be sweet, apparently. He has always been a strong man and has had his share of ups and down, yet always perseveres. He does this all without asking for help, always.  So I, and our family are asking for him. Our father was recently diagnosed with colon cancer. The news hit us like a brick wall, yet somehow, he helps us laugh about it as if it’s just a little ole thing that doesn’t stand a chance. His strength inspires me. He’s done so much on his own relying only on faith and prayer. Medical bills are piling though, and work is hard to keep up with as he continues his treatments. We need my dad to focus on fighting this battle and not on the torment of medical bills stacking up. The cost to fight for his life, though priceless, is taking its toll. We graciously ask for any help provided, even if it is just sharing his story or a prayer, and we thank you for taking the time to read his story.

Organized by

Debbie Lamoreux

Denison, TX, USA