Latest update as of Apr 27, 2024

  • Latest update as of Apr 27, 2024

    April 22,2024
    The phases of chemo day. First we’re ready to take it on. Then all the meds getting pumped into me. Now I’m home with my pump for 46 hrs. Hit me harder this round than last. Super hot flashes. Nausea. Extreme fatigue. Time for sleep.

    April 26,2024
    Labs for signatera test done and now hydration. This round is really kicking my ass. And it’s only cycle two!
    The nausea is horrible and the fatigue is so extreme. But I’m doing what needs to be done and I’m fighting this horrid POS disease.
    #FukCancer #checkyourcolon

    Latest update as of Apr 27, 2024

About this fundraiser

Our dear sweet Mandy's cancer has returned and she needs our help. The first bout was difficult on so many levels. It hit hard financially as she was unable to work and the medical and personal bills accumulated at an uncomfortable rate. 

Just when she thought she was done and she could go back to living as normal of a life as one can after cancer, the demon returned with a vengeance, after only 3 months. I'd like to ask for help from all of you with donations to alleviate some of the stress that she and her family are feeling as she goes through aggressive treatments, which have already started.

Please consider a contribution to this fund and help her pay some of her bills so she can focus on enjoying life with her family and killing the cancer. 

(I am Mandy's Aunt Carrie but we're more like sisters. And I love her to the moon and back.)


Organized by

Caroline Nelson

San Diego, CA, USA

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This fundraiser will directly support

Mandalyn Lajoie