About this fundraiser

On January 20th, 2023, I was diagnosed with stage IV kidney cancer, I was told to seek hospice care and prepare for my death.   It's now June, 2024 and am still here!! The journey has been long and painful, I still battle the monsters within me.  Cancer patients face incredible pain, 24/7, long treatments, humiliation, it's a terrible way to live.

Knowing your days are numbered is a humbling experience, I give back to my community by working for a company that provides transportation to individuals with disabilities. I try to spread hope and kindness, therefore I seek the generosity of people who wish to donate to my cause in helping me with my medical bills.

Last year I was too weak to open a bottle of water, now I can!  God has plans for me, but I need help, thank you for reading this, God bless!

Organized by

Charles Pierson III

San Antonio, TX, USA