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Starting this fundraiser for my mom she was recently diagnosed for breast cancer stage 3 and cervical cancer stage 4 I'm trying to help her raise money for the out of pocket expenses this has caused her and our family my mom is a mother to two kids and she has eight grandchildren she is loved by Many and were trying to get the best treatment for her and help her get through this most difficult time as its more than one cancer she has it has been more difficult for her to do anything as she can barely walk right now and is feeling sick everyday she is going to have chemo here in the next week or two and the bills have been piling up anything anybody can do will be greatly appreciated I love my mom with all my heart the picture above is my mom filing out her paper work at the hospital for her cervical cancer she's really not a picture taker and she is also worried about losing her hair even a share will be greatly appreciated I want to get this page out everywhere so it gets notice thank you again and everybody stayed blessed and prayed up thank you 

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Orlando, FL, USA