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Update from Davi


I'm so thankful for all of the love and support! I am going to step outside of my comfort zone and provide an update for people who want to know how I'm doing.  

For those of you who don't know, I have stage 4 inflammatory breast cancer (IBC). Because the cancer has metastasized throughout my bones, this isn't curable. There are medications that will keep me alive longer.  I completed 3 months of chemotherapy and had great results. The type of cancer that I have is hormone driven (estrogen and progesterone), so I am now on medications that decrease the amount of estrogen and progesterone produced in my body. This has shown to be effective in maintaining cancers that are hormone driven. 

Less than 2% of all breast cancer patients have IBC. The Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston has an IBC program. On Monday I was able to visit Boston for a consultation with Dr. Lynce, she heads the program. It was an incredibly informative visit. I'm now enrolled in their program which means that; they will receive all of my medical records to contribute to their IBC research, I will be notified of any clinical trials that may be applicable to me, and the IBC team at Dana-Farber will also monitor me while I continue care in Rochester. This program also gives me an opportunity to become connected to people that have the same diagnosis as me. 

I truly appreciate everyone's support throughout this.  I am amazed at the kindness in this world and I know that   wouldn't be doing nearly as well as I am without all of the love and support. 



Update 3/11~
The Dr’s have confirmed that Davi has Stage 4 Metastatic Breast Cancer. Due to this diagnosis her port will be placed Monday 3/13 and Chemo will begin Tuesday. This plan will go for approximately 3 months and they will do more testing at that point.  Please continue to pray and share!


Davi was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. If you know Davi, you know that cancer picked the wrong woman to mess with. She’s the toughest and perhaps most courageous person I know.  While her strength is admirable, her compassion and kindness for others is even more amazing. Davi loves her family and friends fiercely and is everyone’s biggest supporter.

Davi and Dom have two daughters , Cambria and Quinn who both attend Lansing Central School where Davi also works. Davi is a magnificent mother and fights tirelessly to ensure her children are on the right path for success and  are able to participate in dance which they both adore. She’s also an incredible teaching assistant at Lansing High School. I witnessed the heartache she felt when she was given the devastating news.

Davi will soon begin her intense treatment in Rochester N.Y which includes a mastectomy, chemotherapy and radiation. Davi will be unable to work a lot during this time. Our hope with this campaign is to help alleviate the financial burden that this life changing medical diagnosis will bring upon the the family. Your generosity is greatly appreciated. All donations will go towards medical copays, travel expenses to and from and any other unexpected financial burdens that may arise.

Please keep Davi and her family in your thoughts and prayers as she begins her battle against cancer. 

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Jodie Bush

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