About this fundraiser


My saxophones are an extension of myself. There is no end to my fingers and beginning of the instrument. They are a part of me, and I them, but over the years time and use has taken its toll. I have 3 saxophones that I use to make music with kids and seniors and everyone in between. They are in need of crucial repairs that are quite costly in order for me to have a successful summer music season, sharing my Wild enthusiasm for learning and music with the communities I play. I hope you'll take a moment and even add a dollar to the cause.So many people are reached and touched by my music.And I cannot wait to see their faces light up when I play for them.


Saxophone #1 - Alto Saxophone:

  1. Re-padding and regulation: $400
  2. Dent removal and body work: $300
  3. Silver plating for worn keys: $250
  4. Replacement of damaged octave key: $150
  5. General cleaning and maintenance: $100
  6. Total for Saxophone #1: $1,200

Saxophone #2 - Tenor Saxophone:

  1. Overhaul including repadding and regulation: $600
  2. Major dent removal and body work: $500
  3. Replacement of bent neck: $300
  4. Gold lacquer touch-ups: $200
  5. Repair/replacement of damaged key mechanisms: $400
  6. Total for Saxophone #2: $2,000

Saxophone #3 - Tenor Saxophone:

  1. Minor adjustments and regulation: $200
  2. Dent removal and body polishing: $250
  3. Replacement of broken key cork and felts: $100
  4. Cleaning of tone holes and bore: $150
  5. Replacement of worn springs: $100
  6. Total for Saxophone #3: $800

Overall Total for all Three Saxophones: $5,000

Organized by

Zak Hampton

Poultney, VT, USA