About this fundraiser

   In June of 2021 I was diagnosed with stage 2-3 rectal cancer.   After several consultations from several doctors the prognosis was positive and I would undergo 8 chemotherapy treatments followed by 28 radiation sessions before they would go in and remove the tumor along with 39 lymph nodes.  There were complications along the way with my digestive tract but other than that things were getting better.  
   That all changed when follow up scans revealed suspicious lesions on my liver and 8 small nodules in both lungs.  Since then the prognosis has not been promising.  Now I undergo more intense treatments  to keep the cancer which is classified as stage four. .  The plan is to keep it stable in order to extend my life.  I was given a maximum of six  years but the average for this was three.   Could be more or could be less.   I continue to fight but there are no guarantees.   While I am trying to work full time it is proving to be difficult and will likely go part time.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.    My dreams have always been to fly in a fighter jet and drive a stock car.   Hoping this is attainable before my condition worsens. 
Thank you for reading this and sharing if you feel so inclined.  

Organized by

Daniel Lowry

Pittsburgh, PA, USA