Latest update as of Jul 12, 2023

  • Thank you!

    Thanks to everyone for chipping in! We are very grateful for your help! We are currently waiting for it to be finished ...hopefully won't take much longer!

About this fundraiser

Carly had her checkup today and her curve has gotten a bit worse and also her spine is shifting. Her current brace is now too small and she needs a new one. We will have to pay for it when we pick it up, which takes around 3 weeks or so. I feel bad and hate to ask, but it is hard to come up with that much so quickly. Especially when everything is so expensive as it is lately. If anyone is able to pitch in, it's not expected but greatly appreciated! Prayers are also always appreciated that the new brace can do it's job and prevent more invasive options in the future. 


Organized by

Jessica McLain

Osceola, IA, USA