About this fundraiser

I'm hosting this fundraiser for my father, Freedom Singer and activist Charles D. Neblett to raise funds urgently needed for  treatment of his metastisized stage 4 prostate cancer. My heart aches at the thought of my father's battle against today’s health inequities. He has been a pillar of strength and guidance in my life, raising me and my 5 other siblings with love and selflessness. His dedication to the Civil Rights Movement and his unwavering faith in God has shaped him into the incredible man he is today. The cost of his recommended medical treatment is beyond our reach and not covered by his insurance. So we are asking for donations to allow my father to live a full, healthy life without cancer. If you're unable to donate, please encourage your male loved ones to support  #BlackProstateCheck challenge encouraging early prevention, screening and treatment. Thank you for your prayers, support, and donations.

Organized by

Charles Neblett

Russellville, KY, USA