About this fundraiser

What if I told you I could be seizure free. 
If you've been following my journey, you know that's unlikely. But what if I told you I can be seizure free in a matter of months. You are probably thinking that's impossible. And you're right, without God, that is impossible. But fortunately I do have God by my side. And because of his grace, I have a provider who doesn't just believe she can get my seizures controlled, she KNOWS it. I finally found a provider - the only one in the state - who understands me and my condition. But I was quickly devastated after discovering she doesn't take my insurance. This is where you come in. I come to you, pleading for help. Each session is $165 which comes to $660/month. Would you be willing to sponsor a session?
Maybe you've been blessed with being able to contribute a set amount each month, or perhaps you can only give one time. Even if it's $5, it makes a huge difference. Will you be a part of changing the trajectory of my life? 

I thank you in advance for all your help.

All my love,


Organized by

Britt La Fontaine

Port Orchard, WA, USA