About this fundraiser

My mom and dad are the best people I know.
my dad developed dementia a few years ago and is now in end stage dementia. The medical cost and the cost of living have their savings. My dad is in desperate need of a medical bed and other medical equipment to make his life a little easier. I moved to Arizona to help take care of them trying to pay their house. Bills has been a struggle.  I want to give both of them who are in their 80s the best possible 

The money would go towards rails at the stairs . 

He needs his own bed hospital bed should I say is he becoming aggressive.  I do not want to put him in a nursing home I just need a little help. Sometimes we don’t even have the money to buy a gallon of milk.

But we could by.  
anything would help. 

God bless and thank you

Organized by

Shelly Mead

Lockwood, MO, USA