About this fundraiser

My name is Sarah Reames and I am mother to a beautiful, smart, and talented 12 year old girl named Rachel.  Rachel has been dancing since she was three years old and is the most dedicated and hard working 12 year old I have met and I work in K-12 schools for our local district.

Rachel currently takes Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Hip Hop, and Acro dance classes which is about hours a week.  Rachel recently was invited to join her dance studio's company (team), which includes a trip to New York to learn dance from Broadway Dancers and a trip to Portland, Oregon to dance at the Portland Trailblazer's halftime show.  This has been Rachel's goal for awhile and she is so excited to be a part of something so exclusive.  

As many parents do, I work hard to provide everything my children need and try my hardest to help them achieve their goals.  Unfortunately, my sole income for my low-income household is preventing me from paying for Rachel's upcoming journey.  I am heartbroken that Rachel feels the stress of our financial situation and the fact that it might prevent her from doing what she is most passionate about, especially when she wants to have her own low-income dance studio when she grows up.  

Organized by

Sarah Reames

Medford, OR, USA