About this fundraiser

Darrell is a father to Jessica, Austen, Brenden and CJ, and the wonderful husband to Megan. He is also a retired 28 year veteran of the Wichita police and fire department.  

About 4 weeks ago he was diagnosed with advanced staged metastatic esophageal cancer after not being able to eat for a month and losing almost 10% of his body weight. Because the cancer is already advanced, many obstacles have stood in the way of treatment. Most people with this cancer can still eat and drink with some discomfort, but he had been completely unable to and lost a lot of energy and health for the time he was unable to get seen by doctors. Since the main tumor is in his esophagus, as it grew it quickly cut off the ability for food and liquids to pass by it. He had emergency surgery to place a stent in his esophagus to hold it open so food can pass. He was also put on a feeding tube incase the stent fails. These surgeries resulted in multiple trips to the only gastroenterologist that could see him on such short notice, who was also 70 miles away. His famly has already incurred unforseen expenses due to his medical emergency. His wife Megan is his main caretaker, and is rapidly going through her paid time off. As Darrell begins his journey through cancer treatment, the expenses are expected to increase substantially. 

Darrell and Megan still have their youngest child in the home. They are trying to maintain a sense of normal life for him despite everything else going on. However, the drain on their resources has just became an extra struggle. 

Although Darrell's medical issues have been difficult to accept, the love and support from friends, family members and the community has made a wonderful impact on the wellbeing of the family. 

Organized by

Megan King

South Hutchinson, KS, USA