About this fundraiser

Giving hope when all seems lost after a devastating house fire that took everything from a local Perry county family. 

On January 29th 2024, the Deihl/Blessing Family lost there home and family dog Bailey in a fire that burnt their home to the ground. They are in the process of rebuilding and recovering from the loss of their home. Their insurance policy lapsed so there was no coverage to help with the rebuild process. Along with all their material belongings they also lost their savings when the fire proof safe holding a cash savings of 8,000 and many other valuables. At this time the financial strain they are experiencing is unfathomable and they hope to rebuild is dwindling. Dwayne is a Father of 4, he has a small drywall company, he takes care of his mother and would do anything for anyone. Let's return the favor. 

Organized by

Gerriel Pickel

Shermans Dale, PA, USA