About this fundraiser

I am starting this fundraiser for my mental health and physical health . Years ago I had a dentist Dr.  Jupiter he was located in Roxbury NJ . Dr Jupiter was a pervert and I believe his intentions where to make me feel less than do he then in return would come on to you and go as far as taking his private out of his pants in the middle of a dental visit, he slipped drilled holes in my teeth did work that would later create such problems for me to the point I stopped smiling I also had a great fear of going back to a dentist which just made what he did progress even more! I have lost a lot of weight because I haven’t been able to eat right. Along with my health and almost becoming sepsis from infection after infection! I just want to get my life back and finally stop what he caused me to have by fixing the teeth he destroyed and the teeth it spread too. please if anybody could donate $20 anything I know the more people willing to help it will make this possible! My health and my self worth has been destroyed since I met this dentist ! he was in jail for a little while but I wonder how he got away with destroying lives like he has ! 

Organized by

Tina Gunderman

Roxbury Township, NJ, USA