Latest update as of Jul 07, 2023

  • Scans and more

    Today was a bunch of appointments and scans. I can see it wearing on Mama Bear. The head CT came back clear and we're waiting on the bone scan now.
    I can see it wearing on Mama Bear and I catch her falling asleep, watching her bravely face this is something remarkable.
    To those of you who have donated, THANK YOU. To those who have shared, THANK YOU. Keep sharing! Let's support our Mama Bear and show her how much she's loved.

About this fundraiser

In the face of a relentless battle against Stage 4 lung cancer,  for over two years, I've managed to fight this. However, the weight of exorbitant insurance, overwhelming co-pays, and escalating medical expenses has taken their toll, leaving me drained and in need of support. This week I had a fine needle aspiration and a biopsy of the left breast. Today, I ask that my friends rally together to offer a lifeline of hope. Your contribution can help me regain my footing on the path to recovery. Together, we can make a difference. #AngelaStrong #HelpingHand

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Angela Krout

Manila, AR, USA

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Dakota McIntire