About this fundraiser

I work full time as a direct care provider to adults with developmental disabilities. Unfortunately, my wages are being garnished by a loan shark, my insurance rates take up another large portion of my income(yet don't cover any of my day-to-day medical supply expenses). 

I've exhausted personal loan options, but it seems only people who have money can be given money. I even applied for a hardship loan through my 401k, but apparently my financial hardship isn't the right kind to borrow money from myself to repay to myself. 

I'm at the point where I often end up not knowing where money for gas to get to my job will come from. I've stretched my necessary medical supplies as far as I can, and often end up just going without, which leaves me in increased discomfort from already very uncomfortable medical conditions(severe eczema and psoriasis that have yet to find an effective treatment). 

I don't have a ton of hope for this… Our world prioritizes flashy or entertaining crowdfunding campaigns that direct absurd amounts of money to those who need it less(or not at all), while the already chronically underprivileged are overlooked in yet another aspect of life. But, literally any amount would be helpful, so I will take anything with extreme gratitude and pray that I find a way to make due regardless. 

Organized by

Stephane Shafer

Hastings, MI, USA