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My C3-C4 disc and my C4-C5 disc have narrowed.  I've never had spine issues before and I am 72.  My legs and abs are pretty strong.  I suspect I overdid the weight when working on a squat machine where the quads are getting a workout but the shoulders are also bearing weight.  I had 5 plates on each side (450 LB) and that is what I suspect caused the problem.  My lower back is not giving me any issue even when I do 1000LB leg-press.  I also do 3 sets of 10 upside down situps off an incline bench with 4 rollers.  I suspect I will benefit all seniors as an example that doctors (primary and spine) that the DiscSeel procedure is a viable fix to disc problems and a preferred approach to the current procedure of prescribing physical therapy - until the insurance company says no more!  The physical therapy I so far have received has been of no help.  I am not in much pain, but, it sure is irritating.

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William Linton

Marietta, GA, USA