About this fundraiser

My name is Cherie. I'm a wife and mother of three wonderful sons. In 2019 I broke my back while working and didn't even know it. After pushing myself to keep working it came to the point that I could not walk. I then was informed by my primary doctor that I had a annular tear, spondylitis and was born with spina bifida, with a break so bad I literally had a floating bone . I am adopted so any medical history is unknown. I fought workers comp for two years before they approved my case and underwent my first L5-S1 spinal fusion in May 2021. Pain was still incredibly high which triggered red flags, my surgery failed and screws were pushing themselves out. I then had another L5-S1 fusion in August 2022. I am very small so the hardware was causing considerably large amounts of pain and discomfort and still my back would not fuse leading to a third operation in November of 2023. After carefully discussing with a new surgeon he has requested a L5-S1 TLIF operation April 22, 2023 as there are no signs of healing. They will remove old hardware, replace, go ahead and remove spine disc's and replace with artificial ones and pin my spine since my L4 is collapsing more each day. Recovery will be a lot different than previous operations and I will be required to wear a back brace for a while. I live on the third floor of my apartment building with 27 steps leading to my door. Doctors have advised me to come up with a different plan as steps are highly discouraged and any additional stress could cause complications. My husband will not be able to work during my recovery as I will need as much help as possible. It is very difficult for me to ask but any help is appreciated. This will be used to assist with fuel to and from surgery, maybe a night's stay at a hotel upon release, help to cover meals for my family and assist with covering any medical equipment needed to aid in recovery. 


Thank you and God bless!

Organized by

Cherie Trujillo

Rawlins, WY, USA