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It is with great sadness that we announce David's passing on Thursday the 4th of January 2024. A unique and central figure of the Cromford community over the last 14 years, he died after a year long battle with metastatic cancer. David leaves behind his daughters Jae (Juno), Tiger-Anne and partner, wife, Sally. His brother Stephen and close friend Craig were by his side when passed. Born in Brighton to Irish immigrants in 1959, David was the youngest boy of 4 siblings. Brought up in a traditional Irish Catholic family David reinvented himself by escaping to London where he made many life long friends. He started dating Sally in 1992 and together they moved to various places, Paris, USA, Edinburgh, Sussex and finally Cromford. Jae came along in 1999, and Tiger-Anne in 2001.  Dates of his cremation and funeral celebrations are planned for mid-late January. If you would like to donate to his funeral costs please follow the giveahand link, and accept or sincere thanks. 

David Andrew Dempsey, 2nd August 1959 to 4th January 2024. RIP. X

Organized by

Sally Jae and Tiger Wheatley

Matlock, UK