About this fundraiser

My cousin Donnie Hedges passed away unexpectedly on December 15 2023. His wife of 31 years was not prepared for his death a loan was taken so he could be cremated now we have to pay back the money. We have gotten some money together but we still are 1500 dollars short of the cost. Donnie and his wife had a very hard few yrs.In 2018 they're daughter passed away at school exactly 1 week before her 21st birthday. Within 6 months after they lost their home and son to a fire, then 2almost 2 yrs ago Donnie suffered a massive stroke his wife worked hard to take care of him but he became I'll and now has passed. She really needs help so I am praying that we can raise enough to finish paying for his cremation.  They always tried to help those less fortunate. Thank you

Organized by

Kathleen Lloyd

Allegan, MI, USA