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    Thank you so so much to the person who donated another $50 toward our chance at a safe and new start! Bentley and I appreciate you deeply

About this fundraiser

My name is Leslie. I am a current Dv strangulation victim. I was strangled 4x. 2x reported. 1x was arrested in Nov 2023 in Pennsylvania. We are in court for his felony str@ngualtion charges. Have a pfa. I've been on the run since Jan 2024 . My son is 12 and disabled. We are looking to plan within 3-6 months to save up our monthly income of $1800 [ SSI]  to try and move. 

As a former foster youth, I have little to no support and have been on my own since 18. I have fought very hard to overcome my inner childhood wounds and be here today. 

We could really use compassion and kindness and mutual aid to save up even more to make this a safe and efficient trip. I am currently writin my book and have been working to advocate about the lethality of strangulation and the link between IPV/DV and former foster youth. 

 Please consider helping us reach our goal. 

Organized by

Leslie Hartzell

Clarion, PA, USA