Latest update as of Mar 26, 2023

  • Please consider making a donation to the Eastman medical fund , the medical bills are catastrophic and overwhelming. They need the help so desperately .

About this fundraiser

 In the early morning of March 19, 2023 my daughter, Stephenie Kendall Eastman and her husband Matt, 3 of their children Kaden, Reese, and Maizee , experienced Carbon monoxide (CO) poisioning.and nearly lost their lives.  as the gas filled the home. Stephenie  woke up not feeling well and Abe was going to get something for a terrible headache. As she went toward the kitchen she lost consciousness and fell to the floor. Matt heard her fall and struggled to get to her and tried to figure out what was happening.  Their 8year old daughter , made her way down the hallway and collapsed also. As Matt started screaming for help,  Kaden and Reese, the two older children rushed upstairs to help Kaden was placing a call to 911 , he also succumbed to the Carbon monoxide and collapsed. Help arrived and determined the extraordinary high level in the house and began to evacuate and start onsite treatment.  The individuals were transported to Memorial Hospital in Rock Springs, Wyoming. After stabilization procedures, it was determined that they would need extensive treatment and the family was taken separately to Salt Lake  City. 
Stephenie and daughter, Reese were taken in separate ambulances, while Matt, Kaden and Maizee were life flighted in 3 separate planes. Upon arrival in Utah, they were placed in hyperbolic chambers for approximately 3 hours. 

Although the family were able to return to Green River later that evening, they are not able to return to their home until the required repairs are completed.

Along with the medical costs and the needed repairs  this is a catastrophic burden a creates a financial firestorm. 
We humbly ask that you consider donating to the Eastman’s Family  and know that it your donation will be gratefully received.


Please, please protect tho you love by installing quality CO detectors in each level of your homes! 

Organized by

Susan Kendall

Green River, WY, USA