About this fundraiser

I have been on top of my oral hygiene, but unfortunately genetics plays a role as well (according to my periodontist).  I have been receiving treatment for minor gum recession for the past year and my gums were making a comeback.  


Sadly my luck changed and had 2 infections.  One was in my gums from a previous dentist who damaged and cut my gums in several areas.  The second was from a bacterial sinus infection, that spread into my top gums as well.  Though I was able to get on heavy antibiotics, it wasn't quick enough.  My left canine and the next tooth over took the blunt and the gums receded severely and quickly.  


I now need an emergency gum graft.  My insurance covers the treatment for gum disease but does not cover a gum graft.  I am currently unemployed after finding out my previous employer was stealing from me, so I am struggling to find funds available for this procedure.  I am in so much pain.  I'm asking for help to have this procedure, so I can get back into the working world without horrific pain.


Thank you for your help!  

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Berthoud, CO, USA