About this fundraiser

hello my name is Melissa and here recently I had fell on some hard times to pay my rent and my other bills plus my daughter’s braces that I owe on I recently lost my job due to being bullied and taking advantage of and being mistreated I dealt with that for almost 3 years and this man had a really mentally abused me so I had to get out of there I didn’t want to, but I had no choice. It was either that or really something bad I could’ve happened to me I don’t really like to ask anyone for help especially these these days because I know it’s hard on everybody but if there is some people out there that could really help me and my daughter out you know that would really help me to get us by until I can get back on my feet I’m out here trying to find things to work you know and it’s hard because waiting on a phone call feels like waiting forever on some work to come through if you have it in your heart and you would like to help us I would greatly appreciate it that would help us get food pay the rent and the other little bills that we have. I’m behind on everything right now and I’m so stressed out and I don’t like my daughter seeing me how stressed out I am right now and sad. I’m tired of being like this it’s not like I’m not trying to find work because  I am I promise you as soon as I get back on my feet that everyone is helping me I will return the favor and pay it forward to help others that are in the situation just like I am thank you and God bless

Organized by

Melissa Dangerfield

Bonneau, SC, USA