About this fundraiser

Hello People!.  I feel strange,  Here we go…

After enduring incredible hardship over 12 years in  marriage.  I am asking for help to start a fund in the likelihoodI have to leave.  I am 51 years old and am seeking intense therapy and assistance for the first time..  I have accomplished a month and have another to go.  

I am part of our hardship abuse and pain as a couple however, I  am the only one seeking help.  
I was finally “allowed “.  

After years,  my mental health issues are just now being allowed to exist in my marriage. However my diagnosis is consistently pushed against.  It’s emotional painfully, from my spouse.  I do understand the hurt I have cause.

Your donation will help cover the expenses of the local temporary and/ or cross-country move, providing a safe and secure environment for me to rebuild life.  Also for him to have his own peace.  

I, myself, have given to strangers.  Thank you.  
Every contribution, big or small,  $1.00 even brings me closer to a life free from this experience . 

Let's come together to empower people to start anew and create a future filled with promise , possibility, mental health help and healing.  


Kyra 💙

Organized by

Kyra Cammarata

Gig Harbor, WA, USA