About this fundraiser

I am not one to ask for help, AT ALL, but at this point I don’t even know what to do anymore. If something,  ANYTHING could go wrong, it has. In the last year we’ve lost one business already, packing up the second and the third will be done in two months. One truck and trailer were totaled, two trucks were stolen, 3 trailers stolen, my kitchen almost fell in from an undetected leak underneath, the whole thing had to be gutted and replaced, a busted water pipe in my daughters bathroom uncovered another financial can of worms. everything was either a total loss or a completely out of pocket expense. I’ve been working day and night for almost 7 months, my 8 year old daughter is struggling bc of the stress in the home, my fiancé is already working as much as he can. I haven’t paid the rent for the building we’re moving out of this month, my account in in the negative, and I’m not sure how to get our merchandise and belongings out of the building or buy groceries. I just need a stepping stone. Something to get me out of this hole before theres no way out. Please



Organized by

Kathleen Chavis

Savannah, GA, USA