Latest update as of Apr 16, 2024

  • I had to get a Cpack for a potential gum infection. Going to see my Periodontist on 4/23

About this fundraiser

Hi! My name is Emanuel, and I am seeking a little assistance. 

A Nov/2022, I had to have a root canal for the first time and I was given an itemized list of what else I would need to repair my dental health. 

In 2/2024, I was finally able to forward my second one using taxes and taking from my 401K. I have gaurdian dental but they don’t really cover more than 1k for the  first two years and with the insurance I have and my under-middle class bracket—I haven’t been able to get this work done in a timely matter.


i have two chipped teeth, and Two crowns I still need. The total isn’t 9K anymore, it’s more around 6K.  but I’m just looking for help until I can get more taxes next year. The economy just isn’t affording me the ability to get this done before more stuff happens. (On 4/14/2024– I realized I may have another abscess because of one chipped tooth is starting to decay) 


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Emanuel King Harris

Wilkesboro, NC, USA