About this fundraiser

This is my daughter Brooke and her support animal Maizey Kay.  Brooke was born with a rare disease called MELAS.  It causes many problems in her life, one being daily migraine headaches since she was just a baby.  She never complains and pushes through each day even when she can hardly lift her head off the pillow. I have noticed that Brooke has now lost any quality to her life. A typical day in Brooke’s life is waking with a migraine, working with a migraine, getting out of work coming home grabbing one of her many migraine ice packs she has, and going to bed. Weekends are spent entirely in bed. After doing tons of research I have found a place in Dallas Texas called REEDMIGRAINECENTER. the treatment is astonishing with 90% of people getting relief from their daily migraines. This treatment could restore her life. Brooke’s insurance does not cover out of state treatment. As her Mom I must do anything I can to get Brooke to this clinic. The Donations would be spent on getting Brooke a BlueCross BlueShield PPO. Also travel cost to and from the clinic.  Money will be tight for Brooke as her husband is being deployed to Kuwait for a year. He leaves on March 11th, her income will dramatically decrease while he is deployed  Army pay doesn’t come close to working your civilian job. So proud of her husband, but I also know he is so worried about leaving her when she is doing so bad.  If you are unable to donate, could you please pray for Brooke. She so deserves a better life. Thank you Michelle,  Brooke’s Mom

Organized by

Michelle Kelley

Battle Creek, MI, USA