About this fundraiser

In January of this year, Brent was diagnosed with lymphoma. Because Brent is so young and otherwise healthy, the lymphoma went untreated for some time. In March, Brent began chemotherapy and has been responding well. Brent will need to undergo stem cell replacement therapy in the near future. Aside from immediately after chemo, Brent has been doing well physically. The stem cell replacement will be more difficult. The procedure is very invasive and coupled with chemotherapy will make him sick and prone to other illnesses while his body recovers. He will be unable to work for at least a month, if not more, and will be under close restrictions to keep him safe.

Anyone who knows Brent knows that he never asks anyone for anything. He is always one of the first people to show up when someone else needs help.

Medical bills are building and Brent being out of work will create a financial burden on Brent and Kacie. 

Organized by

Casey Garrison

Indianapolis, IN, USA