Latest update as of Jan 09, 2024

  • He has gone in for surgery

    My father in law has gone in for surgery 1/9/24 and we are awaiting for completion, hopefully with no complications and bless the doctors and the team for successful procedure. Please consider donating for my wife and I are completely tapped out of funds so much we are considering everything we can to obtain the funds to pay our bills for our own household for every cent we had went into getting this surgery done. If we raise nothing we will more than likely be out in the cold living in a car that could be repossessed for no. Payment of loan. 🙏🙏🙏

About this fundraiser

My father in law who lives in Philippines has sustained a broken femur and is in need of the surgery to insert a rod for repair of his broken femur.  I have tapped out all of my savings and my credit cards to help with costs but I am still short for the balance. I myself receive social security and work a little bit that I can to help my wife and I here in the USA.  If you could find it in your heart for any amount of a donation to help my father in law with this medical procedure  we would be so ever grateful and blessed.  If you cannot donate  then a prayer is asked to be said for my family during this medical situation. Thank you. 

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Michael Sloma

Virginia Beach, VA, USA