About this fundraiser

I am starting this fundraiser for my daughter Felicia, who was diagnosed with thyroid cancer almost one year ago. Since then she has had two surgeries one in July to have the half a thyroid with cancer removed. Going to see the doctor two weeks later and still being told she had cancer and they did not remove it all and would need radiation, but the only way the radiation would work is if they took the other part of the thyroid out the good part because the radiation would only attack the good part of the thyroid and not go over to the other side and kill the cancer. So she had to go back in for surgery in November, and have the other part taken out. Now she is doing radiation, but had a full body scan done two weeks ago, and they found out that the cancer moved down to the lymph node!! It has been a journey and a long one as her mother I just wanna help in someway, so I’m starting this fundraiser because she has no income has applied for temporary disability, but was not yet approved! So please anything would help! Thank you so much!

Organized by

Jackie Frank

Monroe Township, NJ, USA